Are you buying a Home or a Brochure?

Each project comes with big promises, fancy board and expensive brochures. Presidential Towers is one of the best instances for marketing their property on fancy brochures.

Is it a trick to seduce your wallet? Or a structured idea that has drove towards paving you a discount and opportunity to plan your finances?80-20 Scheme is the justification pointer for this query. Builders use this strategy to attract buyers during prelaunch stage where, they promise discount and charge the same indirectly after launching the project.

However, prelaunch projects like: Assetz 63 Degree East, Prestige Kew Gardens, Godrej Eternity, Citrus Polaris, Citrus Belmont, Orchid Whitefield, Salarpuria Altana, Assetz Marq, Godrej Avenues, Expat Vida, Prestige Jindal, Orchid Whitefield, Total Environment – After The Rain have used this strategy. In turn, less booking amount will block future search and thought for buyers.


Fancy Brochures

Buyers should understand following aspects of brochures before making a property call:

What is a brochure?

Brochures are mainly produced during the pre-launch stage of a project. It is a typical representation of concepts and ideas for a certain project.

It helps you to visualize how a concept would turn out to be dream home. It can also be termed as a place where the mastermind showcases his inspiration in a piece of paper that would end up fulfilling the needs of buyers.

What does a brochure represent?

Brochures represent the master plans of the project, layouts, locations, elevations, floor plans, amenities and specifications. It also gives the architects impression about how the structures and the landscaping would look on completion.

Do brochures represent the actual deliverables?

Now, that’s a difficult debate! However it would also be very misleading if we said it represents the actual or if it didn’t represent the actual. These descriptions on a brochure are used to help buyers visualize as to how a construction project would look when it comes live.

Brochures do furnish detailed (80%) insight of the project to buyers and it represents potential of an architect who thinks on it.

Is it advisable to be illusioned with the brochure contents?

Yes it is advisable to be illusioned with certain aspects of the brochure that includes following key attributes:

  • Floor plan
  • Master plan
  • Specification
  • Amenities
  • Elevation plan

The reason being, there is so much home work done by various departments and individuals before it is put on papers. The remaining aspects could differ marginally while it comes to interiors, landscaping and colors used on the brochures.

Hints for House Investment

Some of the key points we have to look at before taking a call on these offers are:

  1. Locality’s social infrastructure
  2. The project time line :- In most of the scenarios, builders will not be aware of the exact time frame for initializing the project during prelaunch to launch stage.

  3. In case of large projects, check how does the builder make sure the project orientation and master plan remains the same from start to finish. For instance, if the builder promises a park facing apartment, you should not end up in facing STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) opposite to it.

  4. Compare existing projects with their brochures made during prelaunch. Since, in many scenarios, builders promise to deliver fancy amenities. Hence, you need to look for following factor interlinking these promises:

    i. Whether it is sustainable over long run

  5. Once the product is ready, it also has maintenance costs. Over a period you need to practically look at inflation factors for these fancy amenities.

  6. For instance, the builder who had promised to deliver magnificent and dancing fountains in the project campus eventually fails to maintain the same over a period of time.

  7. Brochures that portray a man standing on the 40th floor would appeal enchanting to buyers. However, it is really difficult to say when he would reach that point of enchantment?

  8. This is the best activity that would justify and answer all your queries! As discussed earlier, most of the efficient architectures do an 80% justice. Then do we have to tell you more? You can be the best judge!!

    Conclude your property call by realizing whether you are buying a home or brochure?

    Human minds are considered the strongest! A mind that represents and visualizes the brochure has a vision behind it. Hence you are buying a HOME and a brochure is what that connects the architect/developer to the buyer. So, decide whether you need to buy fancy brochure or a HOME?? An amusing concept isn’t it?


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