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Pushing your city to the outskirts: BMRDA


Decongesting the city is a great idea, but we need to see if we are travelling in the right direction: Is driving growth to the outskirts of Bangalore the right way ahead?

There is a lot of push from the government towards developing satellite towns in the outskirts of Bangalore – Bidadi, Nelamangla, Devenahalli, Hoskote, Sarjapur, Kanakapura, Bannergata etc.  If the development is not integrated, we would be in for more chaotic times as the connecting infrastructure to the CBD still has a lot of bottlenecks as the infrastructure has not been planned for such developments. Also, by creating residential developments in the outskirts, we end up burning more carbon to travel to work and in turn hampers the environment in the process.

What are your views on this? Let me know in the comments.

Good News for IT is Good News for Bangalore Realty


The recent financial results announced by some of the key IT companies like Infosys and TCS have really brought some hope during these adverse economic conditions. It’s also quite encouraging  to see a considerable raise in turnover and new client acquisitions.

TCS has already announced a raise in its hiring target of FY2014 by 5000 employees and such positive developments would definitely trickle down to the  realty industry through some fresh office space & residential requirements.

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Karnataka Proposes 61 JnNURM Projects


Once again the Karnataka government has proposed 61 new projects for Bangalore and Mysore under the ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission the estimated cost of the projects is 5,265.22 crores, these projects have been vetted by the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation and submitted to the Union Government.

The Akrama Sakrama Bill: Hero or Hoodlum?


The much awaited Karnataka town and country planning and certain other laws (amendment) act, 2009, popularly known as Akrama-Sakrama bill, has come into force.

“It will regularize deviations, but not encroachments, up to December 3, 2009 in all urban local bodies, including Bangalore.’’

The act provides for regularization of residential buildings with up to 50 percent irregularity and commercial buildings with up to 25 per cent irregularity. Six per cent of the guidance value of the irregular part of a residential building will be charged as penalty if the violation is 25 percent and less and eight per cent of the irregular part would be charged if the violation exceeds 25 per cent but does not exceed 50 per cent.

Twenty per cent of the market value would be charged for the violations up to 12.5 percent in the commercial buildings and thirty-five percent, if the violation is more than that cut off.

The amendment act reduces the penalty amount mentioned in Amendment of Karnataka Act 14 of 1977 and Amendment of Karnataka Act 22 of 1964. The penalty amount has been reduced from 10 per cent to six and eight per cent for residential buildings and from 25 to 20 per cent  and from 40 to 35 per cent for commercial buildings.

Though this bill gives respite to all the people who have deviated building plans but it does not talk about  how it will deal with buildings which have not taken any fire and safety precautions , there are a few dwelling units which have been built without proper scientific planning, and it poses a huge danger to the people residing in it ,  this will be used more like a revenue stream for the department and its officers than as an act to clear the mess created , and I don’t know why the same yard stick for penalizing buildings built in BMRDA limits .

Like always it’ll be an Act for the public and the action is more for personal gains for the people welding power (corporators, department engineers, etc)

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