From Bahamas Beaches to

Disney Land in your



With prestigious projects like Purva Palm Beach, Sobha Valley View, Sobha Silicon Oasis, Golden Gates Presidential Towers, Purva Westend, Mantri Webcity and Prestige Lakeside Habitat gaining popularity, many builders have jumped on to the bandwagon of theme based development.

These theme-based properties are built around some of the most aspired holiday destinations like: beaches, amusement parks, resorts and far away exotic destinations. Concepts like Disney Land, Sky Park, Sky Buffet and features like fountains, water clocks, music walls and multi-sport arenas are now central to these properties.

Even though such offers are a welcome development and they pamper aspiring homebuyers, prospects should not fall prey to the fantasies expressed in brochures and fall victim to a strategy designed to monetize large land parcels located in outskirts of the city – a new trend among many projects today.

However, if the offer carries value in terms of low recurring costs and lavish amenities – key factors that promote community dwelling, the trend of theme based development will definitely cause a fundamental shift in the way builders look at residential developments. Community dwelling provides convenience for all age groups. Being a part of the community helps adults improve their health while indulging kids with opportunities for fun and holistic development.

If you are considering buying a property in a theme based project, here are two tips:

  1. Evaluate the pros and cons of your investment against the quality, builder, location and theme.
  2. Consider the recurring costs and feasibility of a community forming in your project.

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Figure 1: Purva Palm Beach striving to bring Beaches of Bahamas’ into your Doorstep



Figure 2: Delivering New World of Luxury through Infinity Pool and Sky Park in Golden Gates Presidential Towers



Figure3: Inspiring your Kids through Disney Theme in Prestige Lakeside Habitat





Pushing your City to the Outskirts: BMRDA


Decongesting the city is a great idea, but we need to see if we are travelling in the right direction: Is driving growth to the outskirts of Bangalore the right way ahead?

There is a lot of push from the government towards developing satellite towns in the outskirts of Bangalore – Bidadi, Nelamangla, Devenahalli, Hoskote, Sarjapur, Kanakapura, Bannergata etc. If the development is not integrated, we would be in for more chaotic times as the connecting infrastructure to the CBD still has a lot of bottlenecks as the infrastructure has not been planned for such developments. Also, by creating residential developments in the outskirts, we end up burning more carbon to travel to work and in turn hampers the environment in the process.

What are your views on this? Let me know in the comments.

Good News for IT is Good News for Bangalore Realty


The recent financial results announced by some of the key IT companies like Infosys and TCS have really brought some hope during these adverse economic conditions. It’s also quite encouraging to see a considerable raise in turnover and new client acquisitions.

TCS has already announced a raise in its hiring target of FY2014 by 5000 employees and such positive developments would definitely trickle down to the realty industry through some fresh office space & residential requirements.

Do you agree with this? Let me know in the comments!

Karnataka Proposes 61 JnNURM Projects


Once again the Karnataka government has proposed 61 new projects for Bangalore and Mysore under the ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission the estimated cost of the projects is 5,265.22 crores, these projects have been vetted by the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation and submitted to the Union Government.



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