Window The Life Line Of a House

        Have you ever wondered if we did not had any windows in our house. Will your door alone be able to suffice the needs, or replace the term of “window”. Why do you think we pay these “windows” so much of importance, when your “door” can even play the role. The moment one calls out for a  house, structure of four walls protected by a roof, a door for an entrance, and windows comes into our common picture. Then why do these “windows” in particular calls out so loud.

Windows Life line of a house

Earlier they just use to poke and make a hole in their huts. The idea arised from their need to break that claustrophobic feeling certainly by allowing couple of fresh breaths to barge in. Beam of sunrise seeping through that small hole then use to be the medium of light  in the house. It was years later, they came into naming the function these holes has been performing coined “Window” purposely, originated from old norse ‘ vindauga’  became ‘vindr’ meaning ‘ wind’  and ‘ auga’ meaning ‘ eye’.

Civilisation changed the module of this window into a more open, modern glass fitted with time, yet romance still in place, with that cling of love at first sight, striking the heart melting melody of our late Mr Kishore Kumar “mere samne wali khidki meek chand ka tukda rehta hain”.

Window plays a vital role in the passage of light, air and sound in our house. This quickly reminds me of our own study table, which our parents keep infront of a window with a very thoughtful rationale. The logic behind clearly got understood as, i was reading the story of two blind patients in the hospital sitting right on my study chair. The story tells about one blind patient giving company to another, where he narrates what he sees from the window to the other blind, who was dying to know what might be happening outside. To his surprise, he finds out from the nurse that his dear friend had breathed his last. In a state of shock, he mourns and whispers to himself “ who will narrate to me now ? “. The Nurse finds this shocking and reveals that his fellow friend was also blind ! It was then he realises that such a wonderful picture was portrayed to him just like reality only based on his imagination.

Centuries have passed, the stories of these historic windows are the same. Your windows might throw different set of beautiful views. Perhaps the same old chirping birds jiving into the tune of whistles of waving winds, those shaking branches with the leaves of ballerina will remain remarkable. But also not to forget that several interesting poetries and stories have borned out of well known poets taking the inspiration of the same tale of windows, which we know is “ old but gold”.

“Windows” from the computer to gets on operating to the vital signs of our body to keep stable. Our ears are “windows” which can hear, our eyes are “windows” which can see. Also think!  If  we did not have the windows for the inflow of opportunities in our life. Windows can change our perspective far than just being with beautiful strings and curtains. They power on leaving many deep impressions right from the air of ventilation to being “ the lifeline of a house”.

Santosh Kenchaamba

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